Design and layout

Nature Camera Action!

The secrets of making incredible wildlife films

An exhibition at M Shed on wildlife photography in association with the National Media Museum and the BBC Nautral History Unit. Outdoor fabric banners, Contra Vision window graphics, wall graphics, printed cut vinyl animals, posters, educational info packs, Large format LCD screen ads, and regional advertising were among the many items produced to conincide with the exhibition.

William Hogarth

'Painter and printmaker' exhibition

Graphics and signage for a touring exhibition of William Hogarth's oil paintings and prints, at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. Item description plaques, door and window vinyl, various text panels and wall panels were produced in addition to a wide array of leaflets, flyers, postcards and advertising (both digital and traditional print) media.

The Local Account report

Annual report for social care and related services within the City of Bristol.

Invest Bristol + Bath

Annual report for an agency which promotes employment, inward investment and growth for South West-based companies.

Active Travel to Schools

Local Sustainable Transport Fund

A 12-page concertina-fold leaflet with hard cover, extolling the virtues of travelling actively to school using fun and colourful typpography and illustrations. A 20,000 print run was distributed to all participating schools in the south west of the country.

Bristol Walking Festival

Event programme

A fold-out leaflet which shows various walks throughout the month-long event, the largest of it's kind in the South West. Icons were created to provide at-a-glance information regarding difficulty, cost, number of steps, facilities available etc. Various other supporting literature and adverts were also produced.

Trading with Schools

An educational trading unit required rebranding - a simple logo redesign snowballed into service catalogues, specialist catalogues, banners, postcards, posters, flyers, and a whole suite of marketing materials.

Who gets the houses?

Housing myth-busting booklet

A booklet aimed at dispelling myths about accomodation priorities provided by Local Authorities and housing associations, in response to questions from members of the public.

Twice Upon a Rhyme

LP Reissue artwork

A long-lost psychedelic rock album reissued as a run of 250 copies few years back. The 40+ year old original cut and paste artwork had long disappeared in the mists of time, so a faithful reproduction from an original copy was required. This required use of traditional typographic depth scales and reprographic work on old photos to recreate the cover. I had free reign on the label design so tapped into the early 1970's zeitgeist of mystical design trends.

Aquaserge - TVCQJVD

Urban scene

A-side artwork for a 7" record release. This cover was for a split release coupled with the artwork below, each side mirroring the shapes of the landscape and curvature of the road.


Aquaserge - Virage Sud

Desert Scene

B-side artwork for a 7" record release. This side captures the more rural frontier-like feel of the environment which is reflected in the wild-west echoes of the music.


Twice Upon a Rhyme

Limited edition version

The record above sold out on release, and did so well that a second pressing run was arranged, with limited edition cover artwork and heavyweight screenprinted textured card.

Royal Opera House

BP Screenings

Large format television screens adverts for public screenings of Royal Opera House performances, sponsored by BP.

Street Link

Rough sleeping campaign

Campaign to connect people rough sleeping in Bristol to housing, health, advice, and support from serveral charities.

Overlook Fairytales

Promotional Postcards

Postcards to promote a DVD release of a series of short films. The stories themselves are quirky ‘what if’ versions of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone

What are the creative industries? leaflet

8pp A5 leaflet which used eye-catching colours and a strong, non-corporate look. It folds out to introduce school leavers to creative sector careers, which is a huge area of growth in Bristol's regenerated enterprise zone.

Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone

How are you creative? leaflet

Gatefold "career map" leaflet to encourage young people to pursue creative sector careers in one of the many companies based in Bristol's Temple Quarter enterprise zone. Featured project on Hype for Type

NHS Bristol

Smokefree public health booklet

Booklet with intergral pocket-sized reminder card containing contact details and step-by-step information on giving up smoking. Clear, bold graphics and colours were used for maximum impact.

NHS Bristol

Impact of Smoking infographic flyer

2pp A5 flyer showing smoking-related NHS and public research data displayed as infographics.

Tour of Britain

Promotional and advertising items

I was responsible for creating roller banners, posters, canvas banners and online advertising leading up to the event, for the leg of The Tour of Britain that started in Worcester and finished in Bristol.

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Bristol Workplace Team


A series of infographics to illustrate potential budget, time, and resource savings that could be realised when transferring from a traditional to an agile working environment.

Flood Risk Management report

A multi-million pound funding bid to maintain tidal, fluvial and surface flood defences required an immense amount of typesetting, cartography and data visualisation over several months. The report was praised for it's clarity and so well received by Central Government that the design became used as the national local government standard.

West of England Sustainable Drainage

Guidance reports and case studies

Following on from the success of the Flood Risk report, I was commissioned to produce sustainable drainage guidance, developer guides, and regional case studies for Bath & North East Somerset Council, Bristol City Council, Somerset County Council, South Gloucestershire Council, North Somerset Council.

5 minute Walk Zones

Active travel school map leaflets

A series of leaflets depicting measured 5 minute walks to various schools. I produced maps for lots of schools in Bristol, based on data supplied by children indicating a nearby start point. This improves safety and prevents traffic congestion at school gates by getting pupils to walk the last part of their journey to school.